and the Patient Registry Manifesto


The Patient Registry Manifesto

Need to run a patient registry study and don't know where to start?  Looking to cut market research costs and timelines in half?

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Q:  What is the Patient Registry Manifesto?

Patient Registry ManifestoA:  The Patient Registry Manifesto is a design blueprint and information guide that helps organizations and agencies plan for their patient registry project, build a solid foundation and avert pitfalls. 

Depending on your situation - the strategies and information contained within could save thousands and help manage costs.

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Q:  What is ClinicalPURSUIT?

A:  ClinicalPURSUIT is web-based patient registry software that enables clinical teams to collect, analyze and understand their data - faster and with less resources.

Any time you are looking to run a medical or patient research project and review and correlate patient-sensitive data - questions related to HIPAA, patient information security, research costs, remote access and collaboration typically surface and you need to begin any research project on the right foot.

ClinicalPURSUITWith ClinicalPURSUIT Patient Registry you can...

  • Manage Costs associated with clinical studies, disease and medical research
  • Rapidly Collect and analyze critical patient data metrics
  • Organize and Review patient data that exists at multiple locations
  • Feel Secure that you data is expertly managed under the tightest security protocols

ClinicalPURSUIT Patient Registry can help with with or as a:

  • clinical study registry
  • medical research registry
  • clinical trial registry
  • clinical trial data
  • clinical trial data management
  • clinical trial research
  • oncology research registry
  • hospital research registry
  • disease research registry

For more information on ClinicalPURSUIT, web-based & tailored patient registry software... visit:

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"I've worked closely with the GVT team on numerous projects. They are highly experienced in the design, implementation and support of patient registries.

One of the biggest benefits I see is that starting with their ClinicalPURSUIT platform they can create and build a specific application that is tailored to an organization's exact needs and objectives." 

~ Tom Mclaughlin, President, Optimum Health Care, Melville, NY