Streamlined Data Management

Powerful Data Management and Source Data Verification Monitoring (SDV)

A major cost and impediment in clinical trials is not understanding data trends and acting quickly as potential issues arise.

Knowledge is power… when you can apply it!

ClinicalPURSUIT includes a powerful reporting and dashboard engine that users to create their own dashboard from a menu. This allows users to create custom dashboards based on their specific needs. While this feature alone increases productivity, the real benefit is that these dashboards can be used to directly access the specific data the user needs to see and act upon.

Simple Drill Downs

Forget about running and management multiple reports. ClinicalPURSUIT’s reporting tools all you to easily view data a high level, and to drill down to a granular level with a few clicks… with even leaving the dashboard!

Subject Enrollment

At-a-glance real-time statistics of subject enrollment including projections for date of full enrollment.

Visit Statistics

ClinicalPURSUIT is a robust system that allows RAPID clinical data collection and FAST database growth while allowing you the luxury of ultimate security.

Strong Statistical and Analysis Tools

Your data is the most important aspect of using ClinicalPURSUIT. How easy is it to ``see``, extract and makes sense of it? The software includes several powerful analytical tools to better understand your results.

Patient Safety Monitoring Plan

Promoting patient safety is a national priority! Use ClinicalPURSUIT our web based software to monitor adverse events, complications and patient safety.

See a Demo?

ClinicalPURSUIT is different from traditional electronic data capture and data management solutions. ClinicalPURSUIT is designed for rapid study development with powerful data management tools that streamlines study management. The result is getting your study done on time, with lower cost and greater efficiency.