Intelligent Electronic Data Capture (EDC)

Get It Right the First Time

Get It Right the First Time

ClinicalPURSUIT uses an intelligent electronic data capture system that includes smart logic configurations in electronic data capture software for clinical trials. The EDC system for patient studies allows you to compare study data across multiple visits and identify potential data errors before going into your database.

Intelligent Design

Clinical Report Forms (CRFs) as designed with usability in mind.  That means capture is conducted in an intuitive manner avoid user errors.

Intelligent EDC means that the data is captured and checked right at the source for any errors. This technology uses smart logic configurations in the EDC software to identify potential data errors before it even enters the database.

Accurate & Secure

Advanced data security methods assure you data is collected accurately and is safe.

Reduce Costs

Highly configurable data capture and process flow means reduced cost and labor by automating clean data capture up front.

Regulatory Compliance

We Comply with GCP, 21 CFR Part 11, and other regulations.

Advanced Real-time Auditing

Granular auditing with a click. ClinicalPURSUIT tracks every facet of user engagement and data entry. You can see if any fields have been edited with a glance, and can drill down to edits by user, IP address and more!

Want to See a Demo?

ClinicalPURSUIT is different from traditional electronic data capture and data management solutions. ClinicalPURSUIT is designed for rapid study development with powerful data management tools that streamlines study management. The result is getting your study done on time, with lower cost and greater efficiency.