Enterprise Clinical Electronic Data Capture

Clinical Trial Data Management Powerfully Engineered

Start Small or Go Big!

Enterprise clinical electronic data capture with ClinicalPURSUIT makes getting your study started quick yet scalable. Whether you need to execute a simple Phase II clinical study, or multiple Phase III clinical trials, ClinicalPURSUIT provides a powerful, easily configured platform.

Easily manage both simple and complex data management operations with a simple “click”. With over 25 years of clinical project experience, ClinicalPURSUIT’s intelligent CRF and management tools allow you to effortlessly track and manage your clinical trials.

Enterprise Security

Security for ClinicalPURSUIT starts with our proprietary Visions Server platform that drives the data collection and workflow. The VS allows our team to rapidly configure your clinical trial system without the typical risks involved associated with raw scripting from the ground up.

Network Architecture

The ClinicalPURSUIT server environment is divided into 4 distinct layers. This allows the DBMS to be setup w/out any inbound connectivity from a web server or other system in the DMZ and provides higher security often not found in other web applications.

Hosting & SLA

Our tools and security infrastructure helps mitigate data and business risk. With 99.99% uptime – we offer a superior, data availability experience. Our hosting facilities have the latest technology for security including biometrics, retina scanning and camera monitoring.

On-Premise Deployment

ClinicalPURSUIT is most commonly deployed via our high security Cloud environment. For those who want complete control over their environment, ClinicalPURSUIT can be licensed and installed on your network. Our system integrators can work with your I.T. team to install the platform across your network or help you to create a network environment that is safe for your system.

Our Proven Process

Our team has solidified how we custom configure clinical trial data capture systems.  We use a rapid application configuration methodology. 

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ClinicalPURSUIT is different from traditional electronic data capture (EDC) and data management solutions. ClinicalPURSUIT is designed for rapid study development with powerful data management tools that streamlines study management. The result is getting your study done on time, with lower cost and greater efficiency.